Futuristic Cyber-Sleuthing?

Will Cyber-Crime be an issue in the future?

– by Debi Ides

There will always be controversy regarding “Fraud, Phishing, and Identity Theft.” Because, these issues are human generated and sometimes affect people personally. There are many opinions and views regarding using “hackers” as security professionals, and new cyber-security threats all of the time. There is corporate, government, and “just people” in jeopardy due to these genius hackers that are most likely high-school kids or even younger! Some of who, just do it for fun, or because they can, while others have a more evil, devious plan to crash servers or completely render a network useless.

As new technology is discovered and implemented there are new avenues to hack or new securities that need to be implemented, each of these opening up a point of access to guard and keep unauthorized users out. However, this is good news to IT professionals, especially those who are educated in security and auditing; at the corporate level we are beginning to see CIO’s (Chief Information Officers) rising to the top of business ladder because of the new age of Information Technology and the need to have professional in place to guard these technologies.

These issues, in my opinion, will never go away. They will continue to escalate, as the need and use of new technology is introduced. I believe education is are best weapon against these cyber predators. The more we learn how are networks and electronic devices are breached, we are more capable of protecting these sources.

International Cyber-Crime site:


Information regarding  educational programs in Cyber-Security:


Keep up-to-date on current “hacker” news:

The Hacker News


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