We Don’t Think IT Security Is Important!

We Don’t Think IT Security is Important:

by Debi Ides

Just last week, while talking with a friend, he casually mentions “yeah, I got an alert from my bank that my credit card was used again.” I said, “Again!, you haven’t done anything to prevent this?” He answers with, “my bank doesn’t charge me, they reverse charges, it takes a couple of days.”

The conversation did not end there. I probed a little bit. First I asked if he was at home when he made these purchases….yes, he was. Secondly, I asked him when he logs on is he using Administrator or Standard user. “I only have one user on my computer.” I explained to him that he needs to remedy this immediately as well as always making sure he is on a “https” site when using his credit card.

Well, sad but true, that’s the attitude of most people. Those that are security professionals need to talk to more people in their personal networks. Get the word out, talk to your relatives and co-workers. With the little knowledge I have, I try to drive the importance of IT security into people around me, especially those I know that use Social Networking such as Facebook, etc. When it comes down to it, most people just don’t care!!

Below is a perfect example of what could actually happen, and probably does. It’s really scary to watch. I myself, was forced to “unfriend” many of my contacts from my Facebook, and have not finished cleaning-up yet; I still need to “remove apps” from my page.

If you are one of those skeptical people or one that dismisses internet or computer security or believe it’s not important. Click on the “Take this lollipop” link below. It might change your mind!




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