Murky Waters

It might seem kind of “phishy,” but I believe the most secure Networks and Systems are secured by “hackers.” Because hackers have the knowledge and skills to get in, this means they will have the knowledge and skills to keep others out. For myself, I am just beginning. There is so much information out on the Web and Internet regarding security. The Internet is a great provider of information, instant access to probably anything you can think of. It has become so easy, and a way of life for most to simply pick up your device like a tablet or smartphone and “Google” any information you may need or want. We browse the Web, check email several times a day putting ourselves at risk of becoming victims of cyber-crime. New technology leads to new threats. The need of more technology to fight those threats becomes necessary. It’s an evil catch-22.

With that said, I believe education and awareness are our best plan of action to avoid becoming victims of cyber-security . Many people I know are still extremely cautious and avoid using the Internet and Web- based services to shop or bank. I would like to think I have found a happy medium, keeping strong passwords and only using secure sites…

…but, we are all human, and by nature are curious. We all will inevitably click once too many times, and unlike turning down the wrong road and just making a “k” turn, if navigated to an unsecure site or you are tricked into sharing personal and or sensitive information; the “back” click or going in reverse will not help.

Be careful where you surf. Do not open emails from unknown sources, if you must, and cannot help yourself or, “just check them out,” be very wary of links and attachments. Before you use your PC and/or Laptop again; be sure to setup a second user with standard user permissions. Never use your “Administrator” user on a regular basis. This leaves you wide open for malicious attacks.

Please make sure that you are using a recently updated password with at least 8 characters in total, while using upper, lower case, special characters, and numbers. This helps avoid any access to your information whenever you are logged on websites.

Lastly, make sure to keep your computer and devices updated with new versions and security patches.  These tips will hopefully help you keep your home computers, Smartphone’s, and portable devices safe.

Happy Surfing!

Amazing source of information can be found regarding all aspects of security interests at:

The Open Web Applications Security Project:


                                                         “https://www.trustwave.comRoy Lamond, M.Ed.,Trustwave, n.p, n.d.


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